Pull-Tab for Copper Patch Cords: New Product from CommScope


CommScope is proud to announce the release and availability of the CommScope Pull-Tab for use in high-density applications, such as switches and routers. This innovative optional, add-on is suitable to a vast number of CommScope patch cords that provides the user with a solution to an everyday problem – the ability to remove a patch cord when reaching the RJ-45 latch is difficult or impossible. The Pull-Tabs assists the user in removing a patch cord without disturbing or unlatching adjacent patch cords.

The pull-tab is sold separately and is installed by the user in the field with no tools required. They can be removed and re-used. It can be used in conjunction with the CommScope color-clip in that the end of the patch cord attached to the high-density switch uses the pull-tab and the other end attached to the patch panel uses the same color color-clip for easy patchcord identification.

  • Two-piece construction – transparent retainer clip and colored pull tab
  • Pull-tab made from flexible but durable nylon
  • Retainer clip easily and securely snaps on the patch cord boot
  • Dimensions:  3.3 inches [84 mm] long by 0.4 inches [11.6 mm] wide at latch and 0.3 inches [7.0 mm] at end aonly 0.02 inches [0.5 mm] thick
  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Has an area 1 inch long by ¼ inch wide area to accept a self-adhesive label if desired
  • Ribbed end on pull-tab to assist in proper grip
  • Pull-tab springs back into place once released making the patch cord ready for re-insertion
  • Available March 5, 2018

CommScope Patch Cords Accepting Pull-Tab and/or Color Clips:


CommScope Pull-Tabs


CommScope Color-Clips