Rack Airflow & Environmental Management Solutions

InfraCool Rack Airflow

Austin Hughes InfraCool solutions help minimise hot spots in server racks, assist with aisle containment cooling performance and provide overall temperature monitoring. Plus, Austin Hughes offers a full rack environmental management solution with InfraGuard, a variety of sensors plus optional integration of devices such as InfraPower PDU's, InfraCool Fan Units and LED Light Bars.

InfraCool Rack Airflow Management - The Range

  • 1U 19-inch Rackmount Fan Trays
    Basic or intelligent models, these fan units can exhaust hot air out of the top of rack or intake bottom cool air into the rack. Designed to suit third party racks.

  • Rack Door Mounted Fan Panels
    Installed on the outside of a rack’s rear perforated door to improve heat extraction from high density rack. The unit can be attached to most 42U or taller rack models.

  • Raised Floor Mount Fan Unit
    Delivering strong cool air from underfloor via the contained aisle to the high-density server racks to eliminate inside hot spots. Maximises CRAC efficiency and saves energy cost.

Rack Environmental Management Options

  • InfraGuard: Environmental Management
    Instant notification of rack environmental fluctuations through a variety of sensors (including; temperature, humidity, water, smoke, shock) Remote management of environment and conditions in racks via IP.

  • InfraPower: Intelligent PDU's
    Each PDU is able to provide two ports, therefore a rack could have up to 4 temp or temp/humidity sensors per two redundant (A&B) feed PDU’s.