RiMatrix Micro Data Center – Fast forward to the Edge

Rittal - RiMatrix Micro Data Center – Fast forward to the Edge

Standardised data centre solutions.
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Advancing digitalisation in many areas is leading to the emergence of new data types and magnitudes. Across all industries, be it the automotive sector, the energy industry or the manufacturing sector, unprecedented volumes of data are being generated and must be filtered and aggregated close to the source to enable them to be used effectively in real time. This has prompted the recent trend for in-house micro data centres.

At the periphery (“edge”) of the network, micro data centres process data with short latencies so that it can be used in almost real time. Forget remote, centralised data centres and retain control over your data. What’s more, micro data centres are designed to accommodate entire IT infrastructures, e.g. in government administrations and supermarkets. By functioning as a data centre, a Micro Data Center can also be used to back-up your data.

Design your customized outdoor solution with a plethora of possibilities.


All-in-one: The complete OT solution for your IT infrastructure

Prompted by the trend towards decentralization, Rittal has devised a new type of data centre. RiMatrix Micro Data Centers offer globally standardised, complete OT solutions to meet your requirements, including those in the edge sector. They cover all output categories, are individually configurable, and adapt readily to your ambient conditions. Their standardised modules ensure high levels of flexibility and expandability, so the solution grows to keep pace with your requirements.

RiMatrix data centre solutions are genuinely talented all-rounders, because they unite all relevant system pillars in a single bundle: rack, power, cooling, monitoring and security. They are future-proof and designed to solve current and future issues.

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What are RiMatrix Micro Data Centers?

What are RiMatrix Micro Data Centers?

  • World-wide standardised IT infrastructure solutions, adapted to local conditions
  • Quickly available Micro Data Centers with guaranteed, consistent quality
  • Total solutions with all the relevant OT components
  • Customisable solutions easy to source, purchase and assemble with short delivery times and high quality


Complete solutions from low-end to high-end cooling

Complete solutions from low-end to high-end cooling

  • Racks
    Wide range of options and sizes for different applications
  • Cooling
    High-performance cooling systems with high energy efficiency
  • Accessories
    Available as options: PDUs, UPSs, monitoring items and other OT components
  • Well designed, well crafted, and well considered
    Well thought-through and feasibility checked for your specific application
  • Service
    Assembly Commissioning and handover Service contracts


The chameleon-like Micro Data Center

The RiMatrix Micro Data Center gives you the flexibility you need to survive in the modern industrial world. The data centre can adapt to countless situations. Its space-saving solutions are documented in detail and can also be viewed prior to installation using augmented reality, so you can check the Micro Data Center’s spatial feasibility.

Maximum flexibility, security and efficiency are coordinated to perfection for maximum individuality.




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