Saving Fingers and Slashing Prices!

Clik-Nut® Cage Nuts Now Less Than the Standard Cage Nut


Many Chatsworth Products (CPI) customers have enjoyed the benefits of Clik-Nut® cage nuts, but general feedback about its price is that it is simply too high. CPI responded and has lowered the price of Clik-Nut to less than the standard cage nut.
The patent-pending Clik-Nut's squeeze-and-release design eliminates the need for tools—meaning easier, safer and faster installation of at least 70 percent. In addition, Clik-Nut features a high payload capacity with the same strength and reliability as standard cage nuts, as well as universal usability, being fully compatible with square-punched holes.

Start saving your time, your fingers and your money by taking advantage of the new low price!

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