Secure Entrance, Safe Exit With Briton 571 EL of Allegion

The panic exit device with access management.

Briton 571 EL is a panic exit device with an electrically powered opening mechanism, which can  be linked with electronic outside access systems to increase your building’s security levels and the performance of emergency exit doors, transforming them into effective “smart” entrances as the card reader and alphanumeric pinpad allow you to select who is granted access.

It presents innovative methods for opening doors, selecting access rights, providing total control, freedom and flexibility, including hierarchical authority and timings.

The Briton 571 EL is ideal for high footfall buildings such as school, offices and hospitals. It is often the case that employee and staff entrances will also be one of the fire exists for the building

Features & Benefits

Briton 571 EL image
  • Non handed
  • Suitable for doors from 1200mm down to 600mm
  • Provides single point latching through to multi-point latching using optional pullman kits with vertical or side acting latches
  • Suitable for use with existing access control systems
  • Low power usage
  • Operating temperature -10 / +50°C
  • Warning buzzer
  • Timed latch withdrawal after opening, adjustable from 3 to 30 seconds
  • Electronic dogging possible
  • Protective anti-bacterial coating