The Time to Prepare for 100W PoE is Now

The Time to Prepare for 100W Power over Ethernet is Now

As the focus on digital buildings continues to increase, Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is in the spotlight.

PoE is gaining momentum because it allows a single Ethernet cable to carry both data and electrical power to IP-enabled devices like digital signage, security cameras, wireless access points and AV equipment.
Download this white paper to learn more about other time- and money-saving benefits of PoE.

Topics covered in the White Paper:

  • Overview
  • PoE History and Standards
  • Impact of PoE on Structured Cabling
  • What About 28 AWG Cables?
  • LP Cable Rating and PoE
  • Belden’s 100W PoE Solution
  • Planning for 100W PoE