Tier-1 Multitenant Data Center: Western United States

Tier-1 Multitenant Data Center: Western United States - Case Study


  • A large connectivity provider with more than 150 data centers in 20 countries.
  • Multitenant data center (MTDC) needed an infrastructure upgrade – network reliability was a key concern.
  • Network with a lot of interconnections, and a separate main distribution area (MDA) and meet-me room for security between carrier personnel and the MTDC employees.
  • Global Operations Group, tasked with ensuring that the network upgrades enhanced the company’s reliability and reputation.


Cable management had become a challenge in the existing network, which the decision makers were looking to remedy. The company had installed numerous zipcords into a basket. Because of the large number of connections (and thus cables), there was concern that some of those connections would be compromised and overall reliability would be impacted. Downtime would have extremely negative consequences in customer satisfaction and to the company’s bottom line. Network attenuation was also a key concern, given the large number of cables and connections being placed in a small space.

Meeting the MTDC’s Needs

  • Updated network infrastructure without disruption or downtime.
  •  Simplified cable management and a future-ready network that could evolve and scale to meet changing needs.


The decision makers selected a Corning solution – including high-fiber-count optical cable, connectors, and hardware – for their MTDC network. The solution featured Corning® ClearCurve® ZBL single-mode optical fiber, which delivered the best macrobending performance in the industry and maintained compatibility with current optical fibers. With the Corning solution, the company was reassured that their network could withstand the moves, adds, and changes that would occur in their MDA without disruption or downtime. They were so confident in these benefits that they planned to promote the solution to their customers as an additional layer of security, differentiating themselves from other MTDCs. The company also valued Corning’s global manufacturing capabilities and network of distributors, which could scale to meet whatever needs they had, wherever they were, and make it simple to obtain products in a short time frame. In the end, this global MTDC deployed an infrastructure that met their needs on day one, while being flexible enough to adapt to the changes that will inevitably come in the future.