Wired and Wireless Work Together in Today's Buildings

While wireless connectivity gets all the attention in today's world, wired connectivity works hand-in-hand with wireless, actually enhancing the performance of the wireless network.

A fast and reliable wireless network has become a requirement for commercial buildings. People are using wireless for just about everything, including wireless sensors to monitor different areas, offloading cell phones from the cellular network onto Wi-Fi, and as the primary office network.

People want to deploy Wi-Fi 6 with the understanding that it provides the necessary user experience both today and into the future. Wi-Fi networks that are slow and unreliable can lead to unhappy employees and customers. Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) offers to further improve the wireless experience through features like higher data rates, better capacity, enhanced performance in areas with many devices, and improvements in latency.

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Panduit has conducted experiments that prove when a wireless network is deployed along with a wired network, it delivers an improved and future-proofed wireless experience for everyone. The following observations and recommendations will be further explained throughout the White Paper:

  • Improve the Wi-Fi network performance with a wired network - A structured cabling network that can off-load traffic onto a wired network will improve the Wi-Fi network by at least 40%.
  • Future proof the Wi-Fi network with a wired network - As data rates increase and more clients come onto the network, a joint wireless and wired network will have a longer life as more devices are added to it.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) is cost effective compared to other power options - PoE is the most cost-effective way to run power and data in a greenfield or brownfield environment, including the use of wireless.
  • Avoid battery powered devices when possible - A complete wireless deployment may be cheaper upfront but cost more in the long run. Batteries eventually die and need replacement whereas a wired connection will last for many years.

This white paper provides the methodology and metrics used to make these claims. Also, it offers a cabling recommendation for wired connections used in conjunction with a wireless network.

In this white paper, Panduit share the benefits of keeping some systems on the wired network, especially when PoE is involved, and how offloading some devices to wired connections helps the wireless network perform better for those devices that need the wireless connection.

Learn more on whether this approach could help your operations.