Hanwha presents Wisenet Retail Insight 2.0

Wisenet Retail Insight image

Hanwha's Retail Insight helps retailers gain an understanding of their customers’ behavior by aggregating video analytics and presenting it in a convenient and insightful way.

Understanding customer behavior in-store is crucial for retailers to capitalize on every sales opportunity. However, the metadata extracted from EPOS systems is not enough to help identify opportunities to increase productivity and improve customer experience.

Retail Insight 2.0 enables retailers to gain a greater understanding of customer behavior and buying patterns. The cloud-based solution utilizes people counting, heat mapping and queue management applications running onboard selected Wisenet Q and Wisenet X fixed lens and fish-eye cameras to display statistical analytics on a centralized dashboard, along with other practical information such as weather reports.

Main features

Heat Mapping image

Heat Mapping

Heatmap measures and tracks customers’ dwell-time in specific locations, providing insights into popular/ unattractive products. Owners can configure the time duration to collect data at specific times.

Queue Management image

Queue Management

Queue management is crucial for large retailers. The feature captures long waiting lines in real time and manages the queues in an efficient way, reducing customer complaints, whilst optimizing staffing levels.

People Counting image

People Counting

People counting enables retailers to take advantage of the data captured by the cameras to measure the impact of advertising, on-line promotions and other marketing activities on the number of people who enter their stores.

Age & Gender Analytics image

Age & Gender Analytics

Compare gender and age statistics across locations/times of day. Retailers can target marketing efforts at the demographic segments likely to visit in certain areas and at certain times.