Do You Know Corning’s Set of Secure Solutions?


To effectively address today’s security threats it pays to be prepared. On top of spending on cyber security plans, incorporating encryption, anti-virus software and firewalls, the physical infrastructure is important as well. 

Fibre Sensing

Corning distributed sensing cables provide optimised monitoring of infrastructure. With the importance of ground-level and underground surveillance growing, they are an effective and discreet solution for perimeter security that can operate in harsh environments.

Key features and benefits

  • Tough, compact design
    Highly robust cable design for reliability in harsh conditions with no tradeoff in sensitivity 
  • Class leading sensing performance
    Innovative cable design enhances and amplifies the sensor signal delivering operational performance far above traditional telecom cable designs 
  • Flexible design options
    Choice of materials for strength elements and fiber properties dependent on application requirements
  • Lightweight and responsive
    At 14.9 kg/km, these cables are light, tough, easy to deploy, and responds quickly to external stimuli
  • Multiple packaging options and long lengths available (e.g. >10km)
    The packaging and length may be chosen to suit a variety of installation methods 


Secure Solutions

Corning’s secure solutions allow a completely customisable installation of fibre optic connectivity, to easily identify high-risk and low-risk aspects in a network. They help safeguard the network at the physical layer without compromising its flexibility.
Secure pre-terminated and field-terminated products are ready to be deployed in campus environments, building backbones, horizontal environments and data centres.


Port Tapping


Port tapping is used to proactively identify potential security threats, bottlenecks and other performance issues before they affect the network and more importantly, the user experience.

A passive optical tap allows inspection of every packet of data, providing 100 per cent visibility without putting additional load onto the network. The latest technology, such as Corning’s EDGE™ and EDGE8™ tap modules, allows seamless integration into a structured cabling system, with very low losses and a zero increase in rack space.

Check out this article on tapping for a look at network monitoring using EDGE and EDGE8 Solutions.