What is Corning® CleanAdvantage™?

Eliminate cleaning with Corning® CleanAdvantage™ Technology

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As a leader in optical fiber and connectivity, Corning understands the value of clean connectors to ensure optical performance. So much so that they have developed a new factory cleaning and sealing process, Corning® CleanAdvantage™ technology, to ensure a pristine end face upon first use for all of Corning EDGE™ and EDGE8® solutions. Thus, saving you as the installer time and money during the initial installation. So go ahead and uncap that CleanAdvantage connector so that you can connect with confidence.*

Benefits of CleanAdvantage

  • Standardized offering: High density paired with high performance at no extra cost.
  • Save Up to 17% Install Time: No need for cleaning or visual inspection before the first install.
  • Save Up to 95% on Consumables: No cleaning pens, cassettes, and wipes are necessary.
  • Minimizes Debris Transfer: Reduces the resk of debris transfer on the end face, minimizes signal degradation.

To learn more about Corning's new cleaning process download the one pager.

Videos of CleanAdvantage™

*Excludes TAP modules, Mesh Modules, Secure Solutions, and 24-fiber MTP Single-mode assemblies (“Y” Harness, Breakout Harness, and 24-fiber Jumper)