Global Logistics

Services for controlling cost and lowering risks in transportation.

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Every time products are moved or transported, the risk of project delays and added costs increase. 
Our global operations experience enables us to work with you to determine the most efficient methods for delivering products to help mitigate the risk of project delays.


As your global logistics partner, we can:

  • Streamline freight costs
  • Improve on-time delivery

  • Reduce lead times
  • Optimize international transaction costs.


We understand that in order to complete your projects on time you must have the right products at the right time.


Our global logistics services include: 

  • Lead-time management
  • VAT, duties, taxes and import cost optimization
  • Freight consolidation 

  • Inbound transit time management
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Import/export documentation management
  • Handling of transportation agreements and tariffs
  • Integration with our tracking systems to provide in-transit visibility 
  • Reverse logistics program.



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