Sales Development Training Program

Since 2009, we have offered an accelerated training program designed to prepare recent college graduates for a sales career with our company. The program is built on a foundation of local branch training and enhanced with online coursework, in-person training events and webinars.

Program members become subject matter experts in the products and services their branch sells, and they spend a significant amount of time exposed to the operational end of the business. This makes for a well-rounded salesperson who understands what it really takes to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Over this twelve-month program, sales trainees are educated through the following channels:

Local Branch Training

Each program member coordinates with their manager to spend time in all relevant departments at their branch. Training can vary depending on location, but typically includes:

  • Warehouse
  • Operations
  • Pricing
  • Purchasing
  • Inside sales
  • Outside sales
  • Financial services
  • Marketing
  • Overlay teams (lighting, automation, security, government)

Online Coursework

WESCO | Anixter has its own Learning Management System called WESCO University. Certain courses are required for all program members to complete, such as an orientation and a Lean White Belt class. In addition to the required classes, our trainees have access to the entire course library.

In-Person Training Events

Three in-person trainings are held during a program member’s first year with WESCO | Anixter. These events allow time to build relationships among members while exposing them to more facets of the business. Past activities have included sales training, a distribution center tour, Lean Blue Belt training, and a special graduation dinner. All in-person activities provide additional insight into the industry and company.


Sales trainees are invited to a variety of webinars where subject matter experts present on timely topics. Past webinars have focused on our eCommerce capabilities and how the Internet of Things (IoT) is in alignment with WESCO | Anixter’s product and service offering.

Support for Program Members

Starting a new job in an unfamiliar industry can be daunting. That’s why we provide additional layers of support for their trainees. Members have access to a training leader with more than a decade of experience with WESCO | Anixter. Share your accomplishments with the training leader, work through challenges together, or just get quick answers to program questions.

Sales trainees are also paired up with a mentor who is a graduate of the Sales Development Training Program. The mentor provides support by sharing personal experiences and providing program-specific guidance.

Sales development members can be comforted starting their career at WESCO | Anixter knowing that there is a team of people with a vested interest in their success.

What happens when the program ends?

At the end of a successful year in the program, most program members accept sales positions at the branch they were assigned to. Occasionally, trainees choose positions in different branches. They may also accept positions in operations or other areas of WESCO | Anixter.

While this is a sales development training program, some graduates of the program find that their interests are outside of sales. When that happens, WESCO | Anixter does its best to accommodate those interests.

Participating Divisions, U.S.

  • WESCO Datacom
  • WESCO Integrated Supply
  • WESCO Utility
  • Carlton-Bates Company
  • Conney Safety
  • Hi-Line Utility Supply
  • Hill Country
  • Liberty AV Solutions
  • TVC

Program Schedule:

The Sales Development Training Program accepts applications from August through May. Applications are reviewed by our College Programs team on a rolling basis, so please submit the form below if you are interested in the program at any time.