84% of Small Businesses Call For Intelligent Video Surveillance
As Existing Systems Fail To Protect Premises

Research shows owners of retail, office and hospitality businesses seek smarter technology to tackle theft and loss as it emerges that legacy systems provide limited proof of crime.

A survey* of small businesses in the UK has discovered that 84% of retail, office and hospitality owners are looking for video surveillance with high resolution images and intelligent features such as remote monitoring to provide superior security for their premises. 85% also stated that high quality and reliability would be important purchasing considerations when looking to invest in video surveillance. The survey demonstrates a wide consensus amongst small business owners that current surveillance solutions in place are not viable to provide the necessary proof of crime at a time when the cost of shop theft is at an all-time high**. It also reveals that new technology is sought to provide the required security level within their business.

AXIS Communications

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, carried out the survey to establish small business owners’ key challenges regarding video surveillance and how they believe it could be improved. In addition to stating that high quality images and the ability to access footage remotely on a smart phone or other device is desirable, 70% also stated that ease-of-use is also high on the agenda. In light of accessible intelligent technology, 82% of small business owners are considering new video surveillance technology for their premises to provide a more up-to-date solution.

Research by Axis Communications has revealed that small business owners are looking for higher level technology in their video surveillance solution such as remote monitoring.