Austin Hughes – InfraPower Rack Mount PDU Range

Austin Hughes – InfraPower Rack Mount PDU Range IMAGE

Austin Hughes offers the most comprehensive range of PDUs on the shortest lead-times.

Basic PDUs:
PDUs which simply deliver / distribute power from outside the cabinet to the IT equipment, with no intelligent functionality.

Metered (MD) PDU:
Metered PDUs have a digital local touchscreen display that shows load in amperes for the entire strip without any provision for network connectivity.

Intelligent (W Series) PDUs:

Monitored (W) PDU

W model PDU’s have digital local touchscreen displays and IP network connectivity for reporting the entire strip data, Amperes, kWh, Volts, Power Factor and kW centrally.


Metered & Outlet Switched (WS) PDU

WS model PDU’s have the above functionality in addition to IP network connectivity to enable users to switch or control individual outlets or IT equipment within the cabinet.

Outlet Switched with Outlet Metering (WSi) PDU

WSi Model PDU’s have IP network connectivity that allows users to switch individual outlets and meter individual outlet or equipment consumption.

Why Choose Austin Hughes PDU’s?

  • Option of full custom configuration so you have the exact specification required.
  • 3 Socket custom build mix in any technology (basic, metered, intelligent) e.g. C13/C19 & UK sockets in one PDU.
  • Touch screen display on intelligent (W Series) PDUs. Not only is data displayed locally on the PDU or External Door Mount Display on the outside of the rack but it is also available remotely including current (AMP), voltage (Volt), power (KW), energy consumption (KWh), and power factor of the entire PDU.
  • Vertical PDUs can be mounted taking up zero ‘U’ within the rack to ensure valuable hardware space is not occupied
  • PDU mounting kits are quick, tool-less and suitable for global branded cabinets saving engineers time and in turn company’s further installation costs.
  • Master and slave network topology significantly reduces network data ports and IP addresses required.
  • Free web client based management software to manage 50 master IP dongles or 800 PDU’s.
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) to provide redundancy, also ideal for single fed AV and network equipment and can be easily mounted into 19-inch racks. 
  • Global variations (voltage, input, socket types, etc.) for client’s various geographic location/office easily accommodated.
  • Different coloured PDUs available which provide a simple way to visualise power sources and allows differentiation of primary and redundant (A&B) power feeds.