Corning Modular LANscape® Panel Solutions

Corning modular LANscape® Panel Solutions are designed to fulfill all connectivity needs in any enterprise cabling installation that is based in a 19” rack. Whether you have to cable a building backbone, a small to medium sized campus network or even a low density distribution frame, the LANscape Panel Solutions always offer the right answer.

Do you know Corning LANC and LANS housings …

  • ...are modular and provide you with flexibility to build a custom panel for every installation?

    They offer termination methods from fusion splicing with pigtails, to field termination or preterminated solutions. LANS housings can even combine fiber modules and FutureCom™ S250 and S500 copper jacks at the same time.
  • ... reduce the risk of connection errors within the network during moves, adds
    and changes (MACs)?

    The housings allow for a quick and accurate single-person installation and port number viewing at all rack or cabinet mounting locations. Easily exchangeable adapter modules offer peace of mind.
  • ... are available as partially or fully loaded, splice ready option including pigtails?

    Preloaded housings reduce installation time on site, minimize complexity when ordering the product and ease the trouble of properly routed fibers.