Get to the Root Cause of Network Issues Quickly, With ProLabs EON-NSV-OTDR


If a network fails, how can the fault be identified quickly and without causing major infrastructure disruption and time? For fiber laid in locations such as rural communities, this can be an issue. Your network is the underlying fabric of every service, every application, every transaction, it connects people and businesses to the world, but the health of any network depends on its infrastructure and management. 

ProLabs’ OTDR cost-effective solution quickly locates any faults or issues within optical fiber networks by measuring the characteristics of the fibers. The solution ‘transmits’ a series of optical pulses into the fiber under test and extracts, from the same end, light which is scattered or reflected back from points along the fiber. The scattered or reflected light is measured and then analyzed to locate the end of the fiber, the location and overall loss. By allowing providers to discern between a fiber break and a problem with any equipment at customer premises, this ensures that the correct team is dispatched for the issue at hand. By minimizing detection time, the provider can reduce operational costs, not only by avoiding the dispatch of the incorrect maintenance team, but also by reducing the time to restore the affected service(s).

Key Benefits

The EON-NSV-OTDR detects, locates and reports optical faults and reflections.

  • Locates, stores and reports the number of faults and reflections detected.
  • Calculates distances to the faults.
  • Reports the distances to the furthest fault (by default).
  • Sense mode causes the Micro-OTDR to run – which can identify:

- Intermittent problems
- Issues waiting to happen
- Intrusion attempts
- Other abnormal activities