Hanwha Network Hardening Guide. Did You Know?


The harsh reality in today’s connected world is that cyber criminals will continue to attempt to identify and exploit vulnerabilities to breach network security. With this in mind, Hanwha Techwin has produced a network hardening guide which sets out our approach to keeping your Wisenet video surveillance solution secure from cyber attacks.

In the video surveillance market, a paradox is emerging that network surveillance devices developed to protect customers’ property and personal information in recent years are used as a means of seizing personal information. Network surveillance device processes and manages video data that can be used as sensitive personal information. Since it is based on the network, remote access is possible from anywhere in the world where the network is connected. Because of this nature, network surveillance device is subject to ongoing cyber attacks.

Hanwha Techwin has been continuously making efforts to strengthen cyber security with a careful consideration of customers’ property and personal information. Download this guide to help you understand and safely use the security features implemented in Hanwha Techwin product.