KX III User Station Firmware Update 1.2

New performance improvements and user functionality.


Raritan Firmware release 1.2 is now available for the KX III User Station. The User Stations is a high-performance, hardware appliance that allows users to access servers connected to KX III KVM switches. It’s perfect for labs, studios or anywhere hassle-free IP access is needed.

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Automatically launched sessions to servers with dual video cards
  • Advanced windowing features to automatically tile, minimize, restore and close windows
  • Ability to save and restore the current window layout upon the next login
  • Scalability - supports hundreds of KX devices
  • User Interface enhancements for idle timeout, port hotkeys, full screen mode launch and more
  • Logging of user and system events

Click the button below to read the full release notes and download firmware 1.2 or click here to learn more about the User Station and KX III KVM-over-IP switches.