LinkWare Live - Fluke Networks Software Service 


LinkWare Live  from Fluke Networks is a software service that provides cable installation professionals with project, test results, and tester management capabilities for unmatched job visibility and superior job control from anywhere at any time.

LinkWare Live tracks multiple certification jobs, manages test setups and test results and monitors the location and status of testers with browser based ease improving efficiency for the project manager, technician as well as the instruments that are part of the Versiv™ Family.

Take Control of Your Certification Jobs

  • Track multiple certification jobs to improve scheduling and resource allocation from any smart device
  • Upload and consolidate test results from remote sites, minimizing time wasted in collecting and sorting test results
  • Create and manage test setups and cable IDs with browser based ease and update testers remotely
  • Real-time access to test results ensures issues are diagnosed in the early stages of the job eliminating expensive rework
  • Create summary certification reports in the browser to quickly share project progress with end customers

  • LinkWare Live Asset Management  tracks the location and monitors the status of all testers to ensure they are always calibrated and running the latest firmware
  • Automated and easy firmware updates in the field ensures testing is done to the latest specification
  • Direct integration with LinkWare™ Cable Test Management Software ensures accurate PDF reports can be created quickly
  • Cloud based architecture provides easy access, unmatched scalability and high availability
  • Integrates with Brother® LabelLink™ app to quickly generate accurate labels from the LinkWare Live database