Multicode Optical Transceivers From ProLabs

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ProLabs, the leading global provider of network infrastructure and connectivity products, has announced the launch of a new range of multicode compatible optical transceivers. This launch represents a key advancement in ProLabs’ position as the industry leader in high-quality compatible network connectivity solutions. 

The advantages of using a multi-coded transceiver:

  • Provides 3 vendor devices in a single, interoperable environment.
  • Creates excellent cost saving of up to 70% versus the OEM equivalent. 
  • Offers a reduced inventory holding.

Multicode Optical Transceivers From ProLabs image

The ProLabs Multicode Optical Transceivers are designed to work with more than one vendor platform. Whilst the functionality is similar to other optical transceivers, the EEPROM code that 
is loaded into a ProLabs Multicode transceiver is compatible with 3 vendors, instead of being compatible with just one vendor.
The Multicode Optical Transceiver is a single source with multi-vendor personalities, providing
an interconnect between different vendors whilst mitigating the need for multiple spare parts.

Christian Rookes, Director of Product Management at ProLabs said:
“Traditionally compatibles vendors have offered a transceiver that is compatible with one OEM piece of equipment, under one part code, and then provided another part code where the coding is different to be compatible with a second compatible vendor. ProLabs is able to provide a multicoded solution where a single transceiver with a single part code is actually compatible with a number of leading OEM products, allowing customers to streamline their purchasing, stock expenditure, and capital.”

Uniquely, the range of multicode products will not affect OEM warranties; all ProLabs products are 100% tested, designed to comply with industry standard MSA (Multi-Source Agreements) and come with lifetime warranties.