New Firmware for PX, BCM, Transfer Switches from Raritan

Raritan is pleased to announce the release of the latest firmware for power products — including PX iPDUs, Transfer Switches, and Branch Circuit Monitors. Features of this release include:

  • HTML5 Responsive user interface
  • Major security update to open ssl and vulnerability proofing (haserl, json-c, dropbear)
  • New LUA scripting capabilities and CLI upgrades.
  • User interface options (factory default reset, WLAN 802.11n)

  • PDview app enhancements (mobile device upload/download)
  • Expanded network options and mass deployment support for iX7 models
  • For BCM2 only: Power data export via CSV file capability

Support for New Hardware:  iX7 PDU Controller

This release also supports the newly-launched iX7 intelligent PDU controller, announced on March 17th.

The iX7™ is the most advanced PDU controller ever built. It brings PX3 models even more compute power, and additional ports and applications to help you manage your data center operation more efficiently and at lower costs. The controller provides new hardware capabilities including:

  • Dual networking with Gigabit Ethernet
  • Ethernet cascading
  • Power-sharing

Watch the video to learn more

Introducing New Brand Name: Xerus

“Xerus™” is the new name of the proprietary, battle-tested firmware already empowering your Raritan Power products.  Xerus Technology Platform future-proofs your infrastructure by supporting the most powerful embedded compute, and delivers open architecture for future applications.

Xerus Firmware v3.3.10 is the latest version of this technology platform.