Nomadix Introduces the AG 6000 Gateway

Nearly Doubling Performance of Prior Generation Solutions, with 6Gbps of Sustained Bandwidth,
Setting a New Standard in Throughput

Nomadix AG 6000

Nomadix Inc., the innovator and pioneer of bandwidth management and public access gateways, today announced its newest gateway, the AG 6000, which extends bandwidth for Wi-Fi and/or wired networks supplying public internet access. Due to a next-generation CPU, the AG 6000 offers 6Gbps of sustained bandwidth, making it the highest-performing platform in Nomadix’s family of bandwidth management and access gateways.

With the ability to scale up to 8,000 simultaneous devices, the AG 6000 is designed for medium to large hotels, MDUs, convention centers, airports, and stadiums. Its basic configuration has been expanded to support 6 GbE ports, 2 Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) fiber ports and an option for an additional 2 SFP+ fiber ports. Fiber offers significant advantages over copper wire as it can better accommodate high-demand applications. Nomadix’s SFP+ fiber ports enable properties to support fiber WAN connections. This SFP+ technology ensures optimal performance, lowest latency and low power usage when compared to copper Base-T.

“As users carry more devices and the nature of internet use changes, bandwidth demands continue to skyrocket – and property managers are scrambling to keep up with these demands,” said Nomadix President Fred Reeder. “Whether choosing a hotel room or an apartment to live, high-quality internet access is a key consideration, as a slow or unreliable internet connection can result in lost business and damaged reputations. The AG 6000 sets a new standard in throughput and bandwidth control, meeting the performance requirements for higher WAN speeds and faster device speeds, thus giving property managers a reliable, high-performance solution.”

Unlike other high-speed internet access gateways, which are based on general-purpose computer platforms, the AG 6000 is built on a solid state design and only has one moving part – the fan. The core architecture uses Intel’s high-performance processors with built-in flash memory, coupled with the field-proven Nomadix Service EngineTM (NSE) Core Software that is based on a real-time operating system. This unique and powerful combination results in uncompromising security and an industry-leading Mean Time Between Failure rate.

Added Reeder, “The ability to deliver on the promise of fair and fast internet access builds guest loyalty and satisfaction. We continuously stay ahead of the technology curve by developing cost-effective, highly reliable hardware and software, while providing a field-proven method to manage and conserve bandwidth resources.”
The AG 6000 will be available in Q3 2018.