Proxim's Tsunami Portfolio and Video

Video Over wireless with Wire Line Performance

Proxim's Tsunami Portfolio and Video image

Proxim Wireless develops outdoor Telecom infrastructure products that are designed for the most challenging applications. From Cellular backhaul, to Traffic (ITS) applications to Wireless ISPs the Tsunami® product line delivers all the key features and performance to ensure success. In addition to these applications, the Tsunami®Product line is also ideal for what is perhaps the most challenging wireless application of all – Video Security.

In video security applications, typically the bit rate per device/camera is high and constant, with data rates anywhere from 5Mbps to 20Mbps. In addition this application demands precision control over not only latency, but even more importantly jitter. Coupled with a requirement that there be zero packet losses, this application pushes wireless systems at all levels of the communications stack, from RF to the MAC layer.

Proxim ensures success in this mission critical application with a combination of Proxim Proprietary MAC protocol, WORP®, the interference robustness methods contained in Proxim ClearConnect™ and the system approach to security.

This brochure is centered around Video Surveillance applications and how the Tsunami® portfolio overcomes typical challenges of these applications.