Rack Power Management: Why Choose Austin Hughes? 

  1. Extensive product range: Basic, Metered, IP socket monitored & switched PDUs (Single or 3-Phase)
  2. Short lead time for highly customized PDUs
  3. IP socket switching PDUs feature latching relays to eliminate loss of socket power due to internal component failure
  4. Design features a hot swap DC power supply and LCD touch screen display for down time avoidance
  5. Dual Feed PDUs allows 32 x PDUs to be managed via a single IP address/switch port
  6. PDU range complemented by customizable ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), including Intelligent IP access options
  7. IP PDUs can be integrated with InfraSolution networked smart card access control for racks and InfraGuard rack environmental monitoring and management

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Featured Products available out of stock

Austin Hughes InfraPower Monitored (W) Vertical PDU with 36 x C13 / 6 x C19 IEC Sockets, 32A, 3m cord, 60309 Commando plug.

Hot-pluggable IP Dongle provides IP remote access to the PDUs using a single IP Address chain.

Only 1 x IP dongle is required to access a maximum of 16 x PDUs in a daisy chain.