Rethink What Video Security Can Do For You

Bosch constantly pushes the boundaries of technology to develop intelligent solutions that go beyond the highest security demands of today and deliver clear business advantages beyond security. They believe that the logical next step for security is to enable customers to interpret and repurpose these huge amounts of video data. 


Built-in video analytics come standard in Bosch IP 4000 cameras, enabling you to:

  • Use 100 percent of video security data
  • Make smarter business decisions
  • Improve security levels

Despite the mass amount of video data collected, statistics say only 10 percent of data is ever used and most of the data collected loses its value within seconds of being generated. This is because organizations are mainly focused on delivering the right information in case of an emergency or providing the correct evidence after a criminal act. Bosch believes the future is to utilize the hidden potential and use 100 percent of video security data, allowing this data to do far more for businesses than security alone. 

By enabling customers to interpret data directly at the source, they can repurpose it to help them make smarter business decisions. This data makes it possible to do anything from monitoring presence to reduce utility bills, to identifying patterns in customer activity to improve retail environments, such as recognizing hot spots to improve sales or distinguishing roadblocks to optimize shop layout and increase customer satisfaction. The possibilities and potential within and beyond security are unlimited.

Bosch is the first company with a fully intelligent portfolio offering video analytics as standard with the IP 4000 cameras. This portfolio goes beyond the highest security demands of today and opens up the exciting world of video analytics, where Bosch is revolutionizing how video data is used in the future, backed up by the highest quality images, efficient data management and data security. Furthermore, as customers would expect from Bosch, all products are simple to understand, easy to install and offer outstanding quality.