Spotlight: Nomadix, AG 2500 Access Gateway

Nomadix has recently released the AG 2500 Access Gateway, its the newest high-performance solution that extends a wired or Wi-Fi network to create
a visitor-based network (VBN).
Nomadix offers Internet Access Gateways, Application Management Appliances and Bandwidth Management for connectivity solutions across public Internet networks. With a range of Internet Access Gateways powered by the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software, Nomadix can provide public connectivity to patrons visiting your business. This connection can be wireless or wired, allowing maximum flexibility for the operators and end users.

Facilitating more than 5 million connections daily around the world, the Nomadix Access Gateway is the market leader in monetizing access to the Internet at public venues. The NSE software was developed in-house, resulting in more than 100 patents in 15 unique areas of functionality required for public access networks.

To learn more about Nomadix, their offerings and unique history see below the corporate video:

With regards to the AG 2500 Access Gateway it is a mid-range bandwidth management gateway ideal for value-driven, visitor-based network venues, such as hotels with fewer than 150 rooms. With its modular pricing scheme, the AG 2500 is priced to provide a lower barrier of entry and the flexibility to reduce customers overall total cost of ownership.

The AG 2500 which replaces the AG 2400 provides throughput up to 400 Mbps. In addition, the AG 2500 includes the following features:

Fast Authentication and Secure Access Control

  • Authentication and Accounting (AAA)
  • Universal Access Method over SSL
  • Remember Me Login
  • User Agent, Mac Address, URL filtering

Flexible Billing Options and Seamless Integration

  • Hospitality PMS Advanced XML Interface
  • RADIUS Client and (AAA) Proxy
  • Bill Mirroring

High Availability Failover and Load Balancing

  • Balancing across multiple WAN/ISP
  • Seamlessly reroute without missing a beat
  • Cost-effective and Reliable

Advanced Bandwidth Management

  • Policy-Based Traffic Shaping
  • Class-Based Queuing
  • Group Bandwidth Management
  • Per Device Capping