Sweden and Switzerland Receives Corning Award at Partner Event

During the latest Corning Partner Summit in Barcelona (27-29 March 2017) Anixter Sweden and Anixter Switzerland received an important award from Corning as recognition of the hard work they did in 2016. They were both recognized for the 3rd Award Category “Project Opportunities”.
Corning wanted to award two of the Anixter locations in the EMEA region from countries where Corning have had no local sales people over the last few years, but the Anixter colleagues from those countries have promoted and sold Corning solutions successfully with only limited on-site support from Corning.

In the first of those two countries Corning business relationship goes back 18 years. From these early days, Anixter recognized the quality and technology available from Corning and positioned the products and solutions accordingly into the Scandinavian market. 


This was even more evident after the launch of the Corning EDGE solution. Anixter embraced this market leading solution and began to promote and position it into Data Centre opportunities across the Scandinavian region. 
This award was to recognize the effort and true partnership spirit that Anixter have displayed over many years and to the numerous opportunities brought to Corning across many different market sectors, including Finance, Retail, defense, IT Service Providers and many others. So the first award for project opportunities went to Anixter Sweden for their contribution in growing Corning’s business across the Scandinavian region.

The other country for which Corning wanted to award Anixter is another very good example of team work and joint success. 

With the Anixter team’s openness and support for regular meetings, joint customer visits and continuous close communication Corning were able to secure existing accounts and also gain access to new business opportunities with a significant number of very reputable accounts. Some of those accounts can be categorized as global accounts and both Anixter and Corning have jointly leveraged the global reach for those accounts. 
Our joint success in this country is even more remarkable as we have accomplished it against a very strong base of local cabling competitors.
So the second award for Project Opportunities went to Anixter Switzerland!