There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

HIGHWIRE Longstar™  image

Within any rail, metro or industrial environment the use of coaxial cable is always a safe bet when positioning remotely-placed CCTV infrastructure within a network that is required to operate consistently and effectively in harsh, extreme conditions. It has a better bend-radius than fibre, it can carry IP data over greater distances than CATx limits with low signal distortion, it tolerates vibration and, once installed, it rarely needs replaced. With significant investment in such infrastructure it’s important to ensure that these essential CCTV networks are as future-proof as possible, especially given the rapid improvements in camera capability and performance, as well as the operational challenges of replacing them.

Veracity’s HIGHWIRE Longstar™ now provides specifiers, integrators and end-users with a market-leading solution that enables cost-effective upgrades from analogue to the latest IP cameras and devices for long-range Ethernet over Coax, where any downtime for upgrades will often be balanced against commuter schedules. Reaching distances of over 1400m using RG11, Longstar delivers a full, unrestricted 100BaseT and POE and is ruggedized to operate in extreme temperatures (-40°C to 70°C). Alternatively if you need to send data only, Longstar will deliver 10BaseT, without POE, over an impressive 4.2km (2.5 miles), ideal for those long, dark tunnels. The pair of HIGHWIRE Longstar devices will self-configure, self-diagnose and self-optimise on connection, providing instant confirmation of their link status and power level.
HIGHWIRE Longstar is BS EN 50121-4 compliant, ensuring that its installation will cope with the challenging conditions of any rail or metro property estate.