Using Oberon's Indoor/Outdoor AP Enclosures in Stadiums
and Other High-Density Venues


Stadiums, sports arenas, concert halls, auditoriums, forums, and other large public venues are launching WiFi services to provide audience members with internet access and applications specific to the entertainment. This can include real-time game statistics, video, interactive apps, and vendor order fulfillment information.
Many service providers (SPs) are trying to offload mobile data traffic to WiFi networks to reduce the burden on their cellular networks in public venues. WiFi offers a lot more reusable bandwidth (especially in the 5 GHz band) than the SPs can offer through their cellular bands.
In many cases, WiFi is the only reasonable solution for mobile data services in these venues due to the density and bandwidth requirements of the users. Design, integration and installation trade-offs in these larger facilities create a unique challenge due to the overall facility size, shape, and density of users.

Read the full blog to get more about wireless access point density requirements, design considerations, physical protection, security and aesthetics, thermal considerations and solar heating, radio frequency considerations with some installation tips.

Featured Oberon Prodcuts

1026-C | Polycarbonate NEMA4 WiFi AP Box image
1024-C | Polycarbonate NEMA 4 AP Enclosure image
1020-00 | Polycarbonate NEMA 4 AP Enclosure image
1026-00 Polycarbonate NEMA4 WiFi AP Box image
1024-00 Polycarbonate NEMA 4 AP Enclosure image
1020-RAB NEMA 4 AP Enclosure image