Perimeter Protection You Can Rely On

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Distinguishing potential threats from false alarms is critical to safeguard your customers’ property. With an Axis perimeter protection solution, you can reliably monitor large areas, in any lighting condition, with minimal security staff.

Safeguarding Property, Facilities and Critical Infrastructure

No matter what perimeter you wish to protect, you deserve a reliable security solution you can trust around the clock, and in any weather and light conditions. A perimeter protection solution detects potential and real intrusion threats, and allows you to take quick action when something really happens.

Automatic Alerts and Visual Verification

AXIS thermal cameras visualize the heat radiating from objects, enabling them to “see” in total darkness. They can also be set to automatically alert for moving persons or vehicles.

Our perimeter protection solutions are based on thermal cameras with built-in video analytics software. They can “see” in complete darkness and provide automatic alerts when a person enters a pre-defined area within the camera’s field-of-view. This makes it possible to acknowledge suspect activity already before intrusion, and to visually verify what’s going on before taking relevant action.

The solution can easily be integrated with other IP cameras, flood lights, loudspeakers and existing security systems for optimal performance.

Axis Solution for Perimeter Protection

  • Scalable perimeter protection 
  • High detection accuracy 
  • Multiple detection scenarios
  • i-LIDS certified
  • Easy and intuitive installation 

AXIS Perimeter Defender is a flexible, scalable video analytics application for perimeter surveillance and protection. It’s designed for demanding large-scale installations.

Your First Layer of Defense

AXIS Perimeter Defender gives you an edge where security starts – at the perimeter of your facilities. It’s ideal for reinforcing physical access control for high-security facilities such as chemical plants, power plants and prisons and for critical infrastructure. Together with Axis network cameras, horn speakers, and video management software, AXIS Perimeter Defender comprises a comprehensive video-based solution for effective perimeter protection. And it’s i-LIDS certified as a primary detection system for monitoring sterile zones.

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Detect, Verify, Act

AXIS Perimeter Defender provides accurate detection capabilities with support for multiple detection scenarios. This includes several types of intrusion detection and loitering. AXIS Perimeter Defender enable detection of multiple events occurring simultaneously in different places. It analyses detected events, dismisses non-threatening ones and notifies security staff of potentially critical situations. Your staff can then choose to view detailed video footage to determine the precise nature of the threat – and act accordingly. The result is accurate detection and minimal false alarms. 

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Security That Grows With You

You can integrate AXIS Perimeter Defender into as many cameras as you want, here and now, and add more cameras as your needs grow. As AXIS Perimeter Defender analyzes video-footage data on the cameras themselves, it doesn´t require a central server for processing. Whether installed on one or on 50 cameras, there’s no need for system redesign or expensive hardware replacements each time a new camera is added to the network. And once everything is in place, the entire system can be controlled from a single interface and location.

Installation That’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Installing and setting up AXIS Perimeter Defender is fast, simple and cost-effective. You can deploy and configure it simultaneously on multiple cameras. AXIS Perimeter Defender supports a range of alarm outputs and integrates with your video management systems, providing you with immediate feedback on potential security incidents. And it has all the features needed for easy implementation, including intuitive system-design tools and automatic calibration. Support and upgrades are included in the license.

Included Applications

  • Free system-management application: Connect to and manage all cameras from a single interface.
  • Free system-design application: Drag and drop “cameras” on a map and immediately see approximate detection ranges and blind spots.  
  • Optional integration modules for Milestone and Genetec: Determine the cause of an alarm by outlining the person or vehicle triggering it in the video.


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AXIS Perimeter Defender detects four different types of events: 

  • Intrusion: When one or more people or vehicles enter a predetermined zone 
  • Zone crossing: When a person or vehicle passes through two predetermined zones in a predetermined order and direction. 
  • Loitering:  When a person or a vehicle remains in a predetermined zone for more than a certain number of seconds. 
  • Conditional zone crossing: When a person or a vehicle enters a predetermined zone without starting in or passing through one or more predetermined zones. 

AXIS Perimeter Defender can also detect multiple events occurring simultaneously in different places within the range of a single camera.

System Architecture

AXIS Perimeter Defender is based on distributed system architecture. In other words, data is analyzed on the network video cameras rather than being transmitted via a cable to a DVR for processing. This means that it needs no backend hardware and makes it both flexible and scalable. In addition, bandwidth is minimized because only data that has been determined to be significant is transmitted.


AXIS Perimeter Defender integrates with the camera event management system to enable event streaming to video management software and camera actions such as I/O control, notification and edge storage.


Installing AXIS Perimeter Defender is a simple process. Download and install the software on your PC. In the application, connect and configure the cameras, integrate the events with your Video Management System, and you´re up and running.

How to Buy

Single or 10-pack license codes can be purchased from Anixter. One license is required per camera. The license can be activated through the online activation page. 60-day trial version available online. 

Depending on your security requirements, you benefit from the following perimeter protection levels:

High-performance surveillance and protection image

High-performance surveillance and protection

To ensure continuous operation and optimal protection of e.g. power plants, airports, water utilities and high-risk manufacturing plants. Thermal cameras, low-light cameras, PTZ cameras and a high-end video management system integrate with existing security and access control system to become a vital part of your incident management system. The cameras utilize advanced software to detect and alert for intruders and potential threats, and the system allows for instant sharing of live and recorded video with police and other pre-defined users.

Increased surveillance and protection image

Increased surveillance and protection

Typically for industries, mid-size businesses and campus areas, with the purpose to prevent theft, intrusion and property damage. Upon intrusion, the detecting thermal camera turns on the lights, triggers a siren and calls a PTZ camera to pin-point the alerted area. Live video is dispatched to the guards on duty and the PTZ cameras can be used to follow the intruder.

Basic surveillance and detection image

Basic surveillance and detection

A cost-efficient solution for applications like gated communities, small industries and small businesses with the purpose to deter from petty theft and damage of property. Thermal cameras along the perimeter automatically detect and alert for intruders, and relevant action is taken based on the scene provided by the cameras.