Corning ALTOS® loose tube, double-jacket, single-armour cables with polyamide overcoat are designed for outdoor use where resistance against hydrocarbons such as oil and gas as well as resistance against termites is required.

By using polyamide instead of a heavy lead sheath, these cables are easier to handle and install. Therefore, they are less hazardous for personal health and for the environment.

In addition, the corrugated steel tape armouring used for light duty and heavy duty industrial direct buried applications reduces the risk of inadvertent fibre damage protecting the cables against rodents and preventing network failures. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) inner and middle jacket with extra aramid yarns provide extra protection and a high tensile strength and crush resistance allowing the cables to be installed where they are exposed to higher vertical forces.

An extra aluminium tape around the cable core protects these cables against the penetration of moisture or chemicals and builds extra security for the network infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

► Waterblocking technology

    OSP (outdoor) applications.

 Corrugated steel armouring

    Rodent, mechanical protection and direct buried applications.

► UV- and microbe-resistant

    Can be installed in ducts or conduits.

► Dry cable core by means of water swellable elements

    Allows efficient and craft-friendly cable preparation in outdoor or indoor/outdoor applications.

► Fibres/buffer tubes colour coding to TelcordiaBellcore

    Easy identification of the individual tubes and fibres.

► SZ-stranded, loose tube design

    Isolates fibres from installation and environmental rigors and facilitates mid-span access.

► High-density polyethylene (HDPE) inner and middle jacket

    Increases crush and impact resistance.

► Polyamide Overcoat

    Provides additional abrasion resistance and makes this cable suitable for applications where     hydrocarbons or termites are present. The installation process becomes easier in     comparison with other cable construction with lead sheath.

► Aluminium Moisture barrier

    Prevents penetration of moisture or chemicals.