FutureCom EA System and Plug & Play

FutureCom EA Plug & Play has been specifically designed to deliver high performance copper cabling solutions in data centres and server rooms. The solution supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBase-T) with enhanced performance margin, providing the longevity needed for future bandwidth and capacity needs.

This solution enables rapid deployment with factory preterminated 100% tested trunks and switch harness links. 

Additional cabling connections and trunks can be easily added as your connectivity needs grow. No connectors or termination kits are required – just plug in to fit your requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • 80% faster installation compared to traditional cabling methods 
  • Simple installation without the need for special tools 
  • 100% factory terminated and tested for high reliability 
  • Outstanding electrical system performance at 10GbE networking 
  • Accomodates short links less than 15 metres for switch harness links, avoiding the signal reflection that could degrade network performance 
  • Certified to support 6-connector Links and Channels 

A range of trunk cable assemblies and patchcords provide the flexibility to suit your infrastructure designs. For instance, the FutureCom Sextuple S500 Plug & Play Package enables six cables to be run at once. The cable assembly combines six S/FTP 1000/23 cables in a single jacket, pre-terminated with six S500 jacks at either one or both ends depending on the installation requirements.

Additional Features

  • 14% reduction in outer cable diameter and bend radius 
  • 36% reduction in weight 
  • 30% better fire rating 
  • Less material and packaging to reduce waste on site 

For more information on the FutureCom EA System and Plug & Play click here.