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Network Video Technologies NVT

is the global leader in delivering network transmission products for customer’s physical security and communications needs. They have a long history of bringing to market quality analog and IP based solutions. NVT strives to help customers reduce their total cost of ownership and maximize their return on investment by simplifying and reducing the cost associated with infrastructure requirements. Headquartered in Oakville Ontario, Canada with offices in Menlo Park, California and Sunbury-Upon-Thames, England, the footprint is well distributed to service customes' application and supply needs.

In addition to industry leading analog transmission products, NVT offers award winning IP based solutions. They pioneered the ability to deliver Ethernet and PoE over a single pair of wire with extended reach capabilities. Using the PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) offerings, customers are IP enabling their platforms with ease. NVT's IP transmission products allow customers to transform their existing infrastructures into an IP path with power, ideal for any IEEE compliant device. NVT IP switches deliver long reach Ethernet and PoE, over UTP or coax cable. With NVT’s  proven approach to upgrading IP infrastructure, customers are realizing a cost-effective, reliable and risk free point-to-point platform ideal for latency sensitive video, voice and data applications. 

Major objective is to build on the 20 year history as industry leaders in transmission and IP-based solutions, helping customers to:

  • Accelerate their return on investment by reducing infrastructure costs;
  • Collapse planning and deployment cycles by simplifying requirements;
  • Eliminate structural and financial barriers by building on an existing infrastructure to enable the latest IP technologies.

  • TBus™ Ethernet - long distance Ethernet/PoE+ transmission via Coax, UTP/STP or 2-Wire
  • IP: PoE+ Ethernet over Coax (EoC), PoE+ Ethernet over 2-wire (Eo2™)
  • Hybrid Video: Power Video Data (PVD™)
  • Analog: Passive and Active UTP Transceivers