Proxim Introduces the ORiNOCO® AP- 9100R

A Dual Band 802.11ac Access Point Designed for Outdoor Use

Proxim Introduces the ORiNOCO® AP- 9100R

ORiNOCO® AP-9100R takes advantage of Proxim’s expertise in both Wi-Fi and outdoor systems to deliver a dual radio 802.11ac Access Point ready for outdoor use.

ORiNOCO® AP-9100R features MIMO 2x2:2 performance with an aggregate data rate of 1166 Mbps and unparalleled flexibility. In addition, it benefits from the robust and IP67 weatherproofed design of Proxim Tsunami® products with unique features such as dual gigabit Ethernet ports with controllable PoE in and out. Organizations of all sizes encompassing Carriers, Small and Medium Enterprises, Health Care, Governments and Public safety departments, can achieve higher performance than their existing wired and wireless LANs thanks to 802.11ac advantage: significantly higher throughput and longer range.


Gigabit wireless access solution for demanding bandwidth intensive outdoor needs including quad play applications of voice, video, data and mobility. High Performance even in High Density Environments.


Enterprises and organizations, Carrier, Airport, retail, hotel, health care, Campus networks, ITS and video Surveillance, Municipal/public safety worker.


  • Over 600 Mbps aggregate throughputs
  • 2x2:2 MIMO support
  • Dual-radio design offers operational flexibility and high capacity
  • Operates in 802.11a/b/g/n/ac mode
  • IP67 weatherproofed design

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