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Tsunami® point-to-point product line offers a wide range of solutions for low, medium to ultrafast bandwidth applications. Every Tsunami® is forward and backward compatible to ensure that your network scales seamlessly. Furthermore, advanced embedded technologies such as WORP® and Proxim ClearConnect™ deliver maximum over-the-air efficiency and offer more usable system throughput.

Easy Installation

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With easy to install radios and advanced deployment tools, Proxim's solutions dramatically reduce guesswork associated with initial deployments and allow quick installations with minimal effort.

Ultra Secure

The Tsunami® product range provides secure remote management via SSL/TLS, SSH and SNMPv3, it also leverages MAC, MAC access control and 802.1X authentication for granular network security and implements AES encryption technology to secure communications.

Control and Manage ... Effortlessly

Comprised of a wide variety of powerful tools, ProximVision® Advanced unifies management of the entire Proxim infrastructure, within a few clicks. From monitoring network performance to remote device configuration and management PV Advanced provides total control.

Engineered for Extremes

Tsunami® enclosures are approved after stringent screening involving Vehicular movement Transport Vibration (ISTA-2A), Drop, Shock, Salt Spray, Thermal, and Reliability tests. The enclosure is IP 67 Grade that ensures complete protection from any kind of dust and has been tested under water at 1 meter depth. Additionally, every Tsunami® is engineered using highest grade components, to offer an unparalleled reliability.

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Tsunami 10100 Series

  • Very High Throughput
  • For Critical and Demanding Applications
  • 866 Mbps | 5.1 – 5.9 GHz
    Up to 28 dBm (dual chain)

Tsunami 10100L Series

  • High Throughput
  • For Medium to High Bandwidth Applications
  • 400 Mbps | 5.1 – 5.9 GHz
    Up to 28 dBm (dual chain)

Tsunami 8000 Series

  • High Throughput
  • For Critical and Demanding Applications
  • 300 Mbps | 4.9 - 5.9 GHz
    Up to 25.8 dBm (Triple chain)

Tsunami 800 Series

  • Compact and Robust
  • Full Featured Cost Effective Platform for Medium Bandwidth Applications
  • 25 to 100 Mbps |
    4.9-6.4 GHz
    Up to 26 dBm (Dual chain)

Tsunami GX-810

  • High Performance Licensed Microwave Bridge
  • For Critical and Demanding Applications
  • 790 Mbps | 6 GHz, 11 GHz, 15 GHz, 18 GHz,
    23 GHz
    Up to 30 dBm