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VIAVI Solutions, an Anixter Technology Alliance Partner, features a fully integrated and interoperable portfolio of cloud-enabled instruments and systems, software automation, and services for network testing, performance optimization, and service assurance. Designed to support the most complex IT and communications networks, our solutions deliver unparalleled visibility across your entire network and service eco-system, at any stage of the lifecycle. VIAVI delivers the real-time intelligence and actionable insight you need to continuously deliver optimum performance and QoE from end-to-end.

Different stages of a network lifecycle need different tools to ensure the best overall result. Whether your focus is on accelerating network deployment or ensuring consistently high levels of service performance, VIAVI and its partner Anixter, pride themselves on having the right solutions to support you at every stage.


Better with VIAVI

Technology Leadership. Faster Technician Workflows. Best Value.

In today’s ultra-competitive landscape, there is no margin for error in Enterprise networks. With zero tolerance for faulty networks, even a negligible amount of network downtime can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

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  • Reducing network downtime
    Impact on own DC and clients. Business disruptions = $$$ losses.
  • Contributing to safe DC network upgrades/migration to new rates
  • Monitoring Datacenter interconnects
    Security & connectivity assurance in DCI.
  • Providing Network Visibility on complex Virtualized environment
    Hybrid Cloud based applications and systems require visibility.
  • Optimizing the nnetwork operation
    Latency is a growing issue, from the SAN to the backbone network.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting SLAs
    Resolving fingerpointing issues in organizations. Testing SLAs to compliance.

New Products

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Featured Viavi Solutions Products

2329/35 | MPO Optical Loss Test Kit, Quad SM/MM, Laser Source/Power Meter
FIT-FCSW-KIT2 | FiberChek Sidewinder image uk
T-BERD MTS-5800 Handheld Network Tester image uk
Certifier40G Copper, Multimode and Single-mode Kit image uk