New VIAVI SmartClass Fiber OLTS-85


The Viavi OLTS-85/85P handhelds are the industry’s fastest and easiest solutions for tier 1 fiber certification. These latest additions to the popular SmartClass Fiber family let technicians:

OLTS-85 certification kit
  • Measure length
  • Measure optical loss (two fibers, two wavelengths)
  • Check polarity
  • Inspect fiber end faces
  • Generate certification report

With SmartClass Fiber devices, technicians get ultimate flexibility and performance from a powerful, easy-to-use solution that can instantly turn any user into a fiber-smart technician.

Cut testing and certification time in half and give customers confidence in their network quality at the push of a button with the SmartClass Fiber OLTS-85/85P.


  • Certify network installations faster, correctly, and on time—the first time
  • Perform comprehensive Tier 1 fiber testing to industry standards
  • Eliminate subjective guesswork with pass/fail analysis results
  • Optimize technician efficiency with control from both local and remote units


  • Complete Tier 1 fiber testing to TIA/ISO/IEC standards
  • Dedicated MM, SM and Quad versions
  • Fiber end-face inspection with automated pass/fail analysis on both local and remote devices
  • Integrated saving of both local and remote results on the local device
  • Encircled flux compliant
  • Instant on from sleep mode
  • Onboard storage for all test results
  • Easily-generated fiber certification reports
  • 3.5” color touch screen
  • Exports results via USB or directly to PC via FiberChekPRO™ reporting software
  • All-day battery life



Single-Mode Tier 1 Optical Loss
Test Kit

Multimode Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit

Quad Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit

Quad Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit
with patch cord microscopes

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Kits include the following

  • Two OLTS-85 Tier-1 Optical Loss Instrument
    – SM, MM, or Quad 
  • Single mode TX connector – SC
  • Multimode TX connector – FC
  • Shared Rx Connector – LC
  • All connectors are standard SmartClass Fiber Interchangable connectors
  • Available in most other common connectors
  • PS4 Power supply for SCF
  • RBP2 Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • USB cable USB-A to Micro-USB

  • SC-3 Soft Shoulder Case, for SmartClass Fiber
  • Hands-free carrier
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Mating sleeve for "LC/LC"
  • Test Reference Cords (TRCs) for testing installed LC fiber cabling (Single mode and Multimode as appropriate)
  • SC TRCs available
  • PCM version has duplex LC Patch Cord Microscope FMAE adapter
  • FMAE adapters in all other common connectors available