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Zinwave is a global provider of unique wideband active distributed antenna system (DAS) technology for in-building wireless coverage. As an Anixter Technology Alliance Partner, Zinwave shares the mission to provide robust in-building wireless coverage solutions that satisfy the customers’ ever-changing requirements.

Zinwave in-building DAS is based on advanced photonics and wideband amplification technology developed by world-leading research groups at Cambridge University and University College London. Zinwave continues to maintain strong relationships with these centers of excellence through their active technology advisory board.

Zinwawe's DAS supports any combination of RF services between 150MHz-2700MHz on a single hardware layer.
It is protocol and modulation scheme-agnostic and is the only system to support multiple FDD and TDD LTE services simultaneously across any spectrum allocated globally, delivering future-proof and TCO advantages compared to traditional DAS installations.