Eye in the Sky Security Solutions Grows with Supply Chain Support from Anixter

Camera Installation

Eye in the Sky Security Solutions of Nashville, Tenn. specializes in building complete IP security solutions, including video surveillance, alarm and access control systems. Since 2008, Anixter has been the security integrator’s go-to distribution partner for material, project pricing and lead time on material for their projects throughout Tennessee, Ohio and the Southeast.

John Tuohy, partner and sales director at Eye in the Sky, worked with his brother and cousin to build up Eye in the Sky’s business since its founding in 2006. Tuohy says, “We were small, lean and mean when we started working with Anixter. In 2008, we began targeting businesses together, and the rest is history.” Today, Eye in the Sky has grown to 18 employees, five partners and many loyal customers. “Our design and attention to detail is what puts us ahead and keeps our overhead lower,” Tuohy said.

Eye in the Sky buys 80 to 90 percent of their materials from Anixter and relies on Anixter for sourcing, shipping and supply chain services. According to Tuohy, they have been able to minimize their risk and shipping costs through order consolidation, as well as through inventory management services at Anixter locations around the United States.

“Anixter helps us coordinate available materials, and check and hold stock at their warehouses, whether in Chicago, Atlanta or another city.”

Recently Eye in the Sky worked on a video surveillance system and cable infrastructure installation at a high-security facility with very limited storage space and limited access. Throughout the project, they had to stage materials in five different areas around the job site—from empty offices to a telecommunications room. Further complicating the situation, they had to share the storage space with other contractors, which meant they needed some way to identify and separate their material, while making sure it was staged in the right place at the right time to minimize delays.

Anixter’s supply chain team coordinated with Eye in the Sky and its customer to ship kitted materials to the five storage locations, using custom packing slips by site and color-coded packaging to clearly identify each shipment. This careful coordination saved Tuohy’s team many hours of waiting and simplified a difficult situation, satisfying the customer’s desire for a fast, efficient installation.

Eye in the Sky continues to grow, servicing a large enterprise account introduced to them by Anixter. Eye in the Sky taps Anixter for support ranging from project management and e-commerce, to whole-order delivery, custom packaging and product enhancement. This enables them not only to provide the best value and response time to their customers, but also to invoice more efficiently and get paid faster.

Eye in the Sky’s growth to one of the largest integrators in the local market has been a great success story, not only for Tuohy’s team, but for their Anixter account team as well.

“Anixter has always helped us with our bottom line,” Tuohy says. “They have the back of our entity. I trust them because they do what’s right and look out for us and themselves.”