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Anixter has partnered with Ortronics to bring you solutions that address the five building blocks for data centre technology interoperability. These solutions align with Anixter’s Infrastructure as a Platform model to provide a practical, configurable and integrated approach to deploying data centre technology.

Network Migration
  • Ortronics Infinium™ High-Density Fiber

    In today’s data centers and SAN environments, space is often at a premium, making density more critical than ever. Ortronics’s Infinium high-density fiber optic solutions offer the same advanced performance and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Legrand’s standard-density product line in a footprint designed for space-constrained installations.

  • Ortronics Mighty Mo 20 Rack System

    Ortronics’s Mighty Mo 20 racking system is a complete solution that meets the needs of networks requiring greater flexibility, optimum efficiency and superior design.

Thermal Efficiency
  • Ortronics Mighty Mo® GX Cabinets

    Ortronics® Mighty Mo GX leverages the best practices of infrastructure design, providing the proper support and protection needed for network equipment. The Mighty Mo GX cabinet is fully modular and configurable to suit the needs of your specific installation.

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