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We offer carrier grade in-building wireless solutions for distributed antenna systems, single and multicarrier systems, radio frequency systems and public safety systems. As members of the HetNet forum, we work with public safety officials, building owners, businesses and wireless carriers to help you create seamless in-building wireless solutions for a range of technologies. Contact one of our experts.

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Learn how we helped an international retailer deploy a Wi-Fi solution in 1,000 retail locations in 43 countries. 

The Latest Wireless News
  • 3M Respiratory Protection

    3M offers a wide range of disposable respirators, reusable half and full face masks and powered & supplied air respirators for protection against gases, vapours and particulates. You can choose the protection level, comfort, and maintenance requirements you need to work safely and comfortably.

  • Rittal - RiMatrix Micro Data Center – Fast forward to the Edge

    Across all industries, be it the automotive sector, the energy industry or the manufacturing sector, unprecedented volumes of data are being generated and must be filtered and aggregated close to the source to enable them to be used effectively in real time. This has prompted the recent trend for in-house micro data centres.

  • Inner Range and Hanwha Vision : Simply a Powerful Integration

    A new and exciting integration has been released between Hanwha Wisenet Wave VMS and Inner Range’s Inception security and access control solution which allows bi-directional control of both systems in one and is simple to use through Hanwha’s mobile app, Wisenet Wave.

  • 3M have an abrasive solution for every challenge

    3M™ have a solution for every challenge: cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing and everything in between. They offer a full line of abrasives solutions for all applications and materials including quick change discs, flap wheels, cartridge rolls, fibre discs and non-woven wheels, brushes, flap discs, hand pads, belts and more to fit your needs.

  • 3M - Industrial Adhesives and Tapes

    Across industries, applications, and substrates, 3M offers a wide range of bonding products that make it easy to solve your real-world assembly challenges.

  • 3M Puts Vehicles Back in Service

    Discover 3M protective films, tapes, and adhesives for your maintenance needs

  • Connexin - Connecting Together

    Technology company specialising in building smart city infrastructure to support the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • CommScope - Fiber Solutions for Building, Data Center and Campus Networks

    Fiber alone isn't enough. As reliance on data networks grows, so does the infrastructure complexity needed to support applications like AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality), ML (machine learning), Industry 4.0 and 5G. As data centers and enterprise networks attempt to keep pace, fiber plays an increasingly critical role.

  • Eaton - Distributed IT infrastructure solutions for the for the changing face of retail

    Power management products, such as UPS are an ideal means of keeping retail IT infrastructure up and running. But retailers also need solutions that offer visibility into their power protection infrastructure and respond proactively when needed, and that ensure salespeople can remain focused on selling rather than on attempting to remedy power issues. Eaton’s new generation of power protection is designed to accommodate these needs.

  • Panduit - Converged Infrastructure Solutions for MTDC and Colocation Providers

    With converged infrastructure solutions, providers can reduce time to production for tenants by up to 80% by using pre-configured solutions that arrive fully tested, validated, and ready to rack and roll.

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