C2G, an Anixter Technology Alliance Partner, is an industry leader in high performance cabling and connectivity products providing end-to-end solutions to a variety of markets including hospitality, education, healthcare, corporate, home theatre and digital signage. Offering both broad line products and market-specific solutions, C2G has more than 2,000 connectivity products across 50 lines, and with a lifetime warranty on all cables so you can be sure your investment is protected for the long run.  


Products at the Glance


HDMI is the most popular audio/video connection for most consumer electronics today. The HDMI signal carries digital audio and video at resolutions up to 4k supporting Ultra HD and is the digital replacement for analogue video standards.  C2G has HDMI cables, Mini HDMI cables, Micro HDMI cables, HDMI adapters / converters, extenders, and much more.


Supporting resolutions up to 4k (4096x21060p), DisplayPort is perfect for connecting high-definition digital audio/video devices to displays. DisplayPort cables, Mini DisplayPort cables, adapters, extenders and couplers for connecting DVI, HDMI, VGA, Mini DisplayPort and standard DisplayPort devices to a digital display.

Power Cords

C2G has an expanded power cord line to offer a wider selection of fully specified, competitively priced UK, European, African and Australasian power cords, power cord extension and power cord splitters.

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RapidRun is a modular cable system that consists of a runner cable and a selection of flying leads (connectors) and wall plates. Designed to evolve with the components of your installation you only have to replace the connectors, not the cable.

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VGA, or HD15, is the analogue connection used to connect computers and laptops to projectors or additional monitors. In light of the Analogue Sunset, VGA is considered a legacy connector and will be replaced with a digital HDMI or DisplayPort connector in the near future.


USB 3.1 Type C  is the latest USB specification. This powerful USB performance is alternately known as USB SuperSpeed Plus, USB Gen 2, and USB Enhanced SuperSpeed. It’s made a number of improvements over the previous versions. 

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DVI products from C2G include cables, adapters, extenders and splitters, all for use with devices and displays with DVI connectors on them. Use these DVI products to send high-definition, 1080p video from a DVI-enabled device to a display.

Cat5E / Cat6 / Cat6a

Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a patch cables are used for Ethernet connections and include booted, non-booted, crossover, shielded and bulk offerings.  In addition, couplers and cable management products are available for extending your signal and organising your network.

Legrand-Branded Transceivers

The new line of transceivers are built to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are tested and guaranteed to work with the networking equipment from manufacturers like Cisco®, HP®, Juniper Networks® and many more. 

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Audio/Video products from C2G include everything from cables, connectors, splitters, switches and converters. C2G has solutions for both analogue and digital audio/video signals and our products are designed to meet or exceed the limitations of audio/video signal distribution.

Featured C2G Products

 82400 | Pro HDMI to VGA Converter image uk
81677 | 1m USB 3.0 A Male to A Male Cable image uk
81659 | 4-Port USB 2.0 Manual Switch image uk
89366 | TruLink HDMI over Cat5 Box Receiver image uk