Minkels is a knowledge-driven producer and worldwide supplier of high-quality solutions for data centre infrastructure. The Minkels brand is part of the product portfolio of Legrand, a publicly traded company (NYSE Euronext Paris: LR) with worldwide sales in the low voltage installation, data network and data centre markets. Minkels products stand out for their innovativeness and flexibility. Customers can always be assured that they will get the very latest data centre technology: modular solutions that respond to evolving, customer-specific business requirements.

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B1104-081242-146776 | Nexpand Cabinets
A002K-000001-000-1 | CBLMGT CABL RING AP 10PCS
A0017-000042-400-1 | CBLMGT TRAY SHEET
B1104-081042-146765 | Nexpand Cabinets