With a proven reputation for excellence and innovation, Anixter and Panduit bring together 100+ years of industry and technology leadership and +$1 Billion in inventory to serve customers in 110+ countries with comprehensive solutions for the enterprise network, data center, security systems and industrial communications and control. Working together, Anixter and Panduit help you connect, manage, and automate systems to build a smarter unified business foundation that overcome business challenges through products, programs and services that are delivered globally.

Panduit’s acquisition of Atlona expands our A/V solution to include networked AV, signal distribution, wireless collaboration, and AV system automation in the commercial and residential AV and IT markets worldwide, particularly education, business, government, entertainment, and healthcare.

Panduit is an Alliance Partner.


Data Center



Panduit: Delivering Solutions With Anixter

Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help customers optimize their physical infrastructure through simplification, agility and operational efficiency. Panduit provides customer assurance with innovative, leading edge products that are designed to exceed performance expectations and value through:

  • Industry leading engineering and R&D driving best-in-class technology solutions
  • Comprehensive, high quality end-to-end networking and electrical physical infrastructure solutions for the data center, enterprise and industrial automation
  • Extensive global presence and footprint to support our customers’ complex geographic structures
    Vertically integrated global supply chain to enable the highest levels of flexibility and responsiveness to dynamic customer demands
  • Robust business partner ecosystem that serves as an extension to your Panduit team enabling full support of your project requirements
  • Panduit cultivates long-term strategic alliances with industry leaders to develop, optimize, and validate solutions that address the greatest business challenges.

Panduit Industrial Electrical Infrastructure Focus Products Catalog 2022

Panduit Industrial Electrical Infrastructure Focus Products Catalog 2022

Best Seller and Featured Products brochure for Industrial Construction, MRO and OEM. Partner with a company committed to meeting the daily challenges you face. Panduit offers a full solution of Focus Products – from cable ties to power connectors, terminals to identification – Panduit products are engineered for all aspects of designing, installing and maintaining infrastructures within heavy-duty industrial environments. Our robust partner ecosystem, global staff, unmatched service and support make Panduit a valuable and trusted partner.

This catalogue features the most common offering for an Industrial Electrical Physical Infrastructure deployment in EMEA. For the complete offering, please contact your local Anixter Distributor.

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Infrastructure to Support Multi-Tenant Data Center Solution Guide

Infrastructure to Support Multi-Tenant Data Center Solution Guide

Let’s face it, go-live dates never get pushed out. You need a physical infrastructure that supports last minute design changes while reducing the “book to build” time. Panduit physical infrastructure supports network connections from the meet-me-rooms, to the network cabinets, up to the office, out to operations, and most importantly to your client areas. Partner with Panduit for best-in-class solutions throughout your data center campus that scale around the globe.

This catalogue features the most common offering for a Data Center Physical Infrastructure deployment in EMEA. For the complete data center offering, please contact your local Anixter Distributor.

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Panduit Network Infrastructure Catalog 2021

Panduit Network Infrastructure Catalog 2021

With a fresh look, this catalog was designed with our customers in mind – enabling you to more quickly find the Panduit products that meet your needs for Data Center, Enterprise, and Industrial Network environments. Check out our Product Showcase section. In this section you’ll see some of our recently launched products, engineered to meet today’s most complex challenges.

Throughout the catalog you will see a label on select parts. These are the most popular parts in our portfolio and the most often chosen by our customers. Looking for a part not in this catalog? Panduit continues our commitment to bring innovative, high quality, and industry-leading product to market to meet your most demanding physical infrastructure requirements.

This catalogue features the most common offering for a Data Center Physical Infrastructure deployment in EMEA. For the complete data center offering, please contact your local Anixter Distributor.

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Explore Panduit's Add-On Guides

These guides are intended to show the breadth of Panduit’s offering within multiple environments to help simplify
your project planning process. After opening the add-on guide, simply click on the links to view more product detail.

Enterprise Security and Safety Solutions image

Enterprise Security and Safety Solutions

Today’s rapidly changing security marketplace leaves facility and IT managers wondering how to manage it all.

Data Center

Data Center Infrastructure Solution
Data Center and IT Managers, who plan and design data centers should include important infrastructure elements such as cable pathways, grounding and bonding, and identification to complete their projects. See how Panduit’s solutions have a significant positive impact on the operational efficiency and network reliability of your data center.


Telecommunications Room Solutions
IT and Facility Managers are looking for end-to-end enterprise infrastructure offerings for improved efficiencies and profitability. See how Panduit's solutions can help maximize the performance of your telecomm room.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation
If you are updating existing systems to meet growing information demands or planning plant expansions, Panduit offers solutions for your most demanding industrial applications-from construction to control room and factory floor to power generation. We work with you to deploy a robust physical infrastructure that streamlines your operations and improves overall productivity.

Wire Harness Builders

Wire Harness Builders

If you produce high volumes of wiring and harness boards, you need smarter, faster options for assembly, bundling and termination. Panduit offers a broad selection of high-quality automated and semi-automated tooling as well as product solutions for the wire harness. The result? Measurable gains in your productivity.

Panel shops

Panel Shops 
Panel shops, engineering firms and machine builders are looking to speed production, control costs, as well as maintain quality, system availability and reliability. Turn to Panduit for noise mitigation solutions for less susceptibility to EMI noise as well as space savings products to optimize valuable control panel space.

Industrial Environment

Industrial Environment 

Contractors and Engineers are looking for solutions to protect their jobsite from industrial environments. Panduit is continuously driving to help them route, ground, protect, and identify under the most extreme conditions.

Safety Environment

Safety Environment

Safety is a Facility Managers top priority. Panduit is continuously driving product improvements for enhanced safety, reliability, and performance.

Panduit News
  • 12/07/2024

    Panduit - Infrastructure Solutions for Smart Buildings

    In smart buildings, connected devices such as lights, security, HVAC, and AV converge on the IP network where these systems communicate with each other, collect actionable data, and fuel efficiencies.

  • 16/01/2024

    Panduit - Solar Solutions

    As a leading provider of emerging energy technologies, Balance of System (BOS) components for the Solar industry, Panduit robust physical infrastructure renewable energies solutions, have evolved to play a vital role in global renewable energy production facilities worldwide.

  • 13/10/2023

    Panduit - Converged Infrastructure Solutions for MTDC and Colocation Providers

    With converged infrastructure solutions, providers can reduce time to production for tenants by up to 80% by using pre-configured solutions that arrive fully tested, validated, and ready to rack and roll.

  • 12/10/2023

    Panduit - SmartZone UPS: Highly Efficient and Reliable Power Protection and Backup

    As businesses increasingly rely on data centers to support their operations, the importance of robust power solutions including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Power Distribution Units (PDUs), connectivity, asset management software, and environmental sensors cannot be overstated.

  • 03/08/2023

    Panduit - Sustainability Approach to Data Centres

    At last, almost everyone agrees that the world’s environment is in crisis. Governments, industries, corporations, down to individuals are now taking steps towards better environmental stewardship. We must all take responsibility for our actions and help reduce the CO2 emissions we create and work to achieve Net Zero.

  • 28/03/2023

    Panduit Provides an Innovative Solution to Key Market Challenges with Nylon 612 Cable Ties

    With costs rising, it is now more critical than ever to secure your cables using the correct materials for specific applications. The Nylon 612 Cable Ties are the first product of its kind to be used in weather resistant cable tie solutions.

  • 06/03/2023

    Panduit Connectivity Solutions for Any Installation

    Whether you're connecting phones and computers at the desktop or cameras, access points, lights, or smart building devices in the ceiling, Panduit have a solution that will work for you!

  • 12/01/2023

    Panduit Control Panel Solutions Deliver Reliable System Performance

    Overcoming harsh environment deployments, network security liabilities, costly safety concerns, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise considerations in crowded control panel systems is no easy task.

  • 16/12/2022

    Panduit - The RapidID™ Network Mapping System is Cable Documentation. Automated.

    Reduce the time and cost of patch cord documentation by up to 50%. Check out this practical alternative to traditional manual approaches that is ideally suited for building a new telecom room, locating installed cabling, or replacing a network switch.

  • 17/11/2020

    The importance of cable cleats in Data Centers

    In the information age, data centers and their task of continuous, safe storage of data make them critical facilities. If the data center isn’t reliable, productivity decreases immensely. Data centers house the organization’s most vital and proprietary assets.

Featured Panduit Products

P24B12M | SmartZone G5 Basic PDU
DN6212B | Net-Verse D-Type Cabinet frame
MP300/E Image
MP100/E Image
FP6X88MTG Image