Energy Transformation: Greener solutions for a better tomorrow.

Wesco Anixter is committed to delivering sustainable solutions today for a cleaner and more profitable tomorrow. We deliver the expertise and solutions to help you meet sustainability goals, enhance efficiencies, and lower operating expenses.

With each innovation, our economy becomes more digital. Digitalisation relies on electricity, increasing demand for more reliable, resilient and sustainable power. Innovative energy management systems improve energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and reduce costs.


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Take Control of Your Energy

Lock in predictable energy costs over the long-term and gain consistent power quality. Energy solutions can improve your time to power as you expand your business.

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Reduce Outage Risk

Help protect your facilities against planned or unplanned grid outages and extreme weather disruptions.

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Advance Sustainability Targets

Alternatives generate clean, reliable power for an electrified world and help businesses navigate the energy transition. The ability to have a future-proof and fuel-flexible platform accelerates your sustainability roadmap.

Wesco Anixter is uniquely positioned to provide the critical infrastructure products, know-how and solutions that enable the technologies of tomorrow. We are tenacious in our pursuit to build, connect, power, and protect the world while creating a more sustainable future.



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Energy Management

  • LED Lighting
  • Smart Building Controls
  • Smart Metering
  • Building Health Enhancements
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Solar Energy and Battery Storage
  • Peak Demand Charge Avoidance
  • Compressed Air Optimisation






  • Utility Scale Solar
  • Residential Solar
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