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With increasing focus on workplace safety, sustainability and digital transformation, industrial companies and manufacturing facilities should seek a supply-chain partner that can help them meet their objectives across these areas.

As a reliable and resilient solutions-oriented supply chain partner, we offer industry-leading expertise and value-added services to help you drive efficiencies to your bottom line.


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Remaining up and running is based on your ability to remain safe. We offer products, from first-aid kits and PPE, to solutions, including assessments and OSHA trainings to help safeguard your workforce and workplace.

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    As a combined company, we offer you a full range of safety products, safety solutions and pandemic response programs to help reduce your team’s exposure to hazards and health and safety risks.


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Technology is transforming how you operate your industrial facility. we can assist on your digital transformation journey with pragmatic technical solutions and products, enabling you to realize smarter outcomes. Implementing innovative technologies could help you streamline processes, differentiate end products, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Transformation can be daunting, our services portfolio is structured to support you from concept to operation:

  • Advisory Services
  • Assessment Services
  • Design Services
  • Validation Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Support and Maintenance Services
Understanding the Differences Between Dashboards, AI, and Machine Learning
Utilizing Sensors to Maintain a Safer, Smarter Manufacturing Environment
Boosting Plant Productivity with Automation and Digital Transformation
IoT Enabled Predictive Maintenance on the Factory Floor
Remote Maintenance in Manufacturing
Predictive Maintenance and Analytics in Mining
  • Smart Manufacturing Solutions
    With margins and timelines under increasing pressure, the growing pace of disruptive technologies, and the intensified focus on workplace safety; your ability to be resilient and agile is critical to remaining up and running, as well as staying competitive.


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Whether you’re managing a plant floor or a mine, maximizing your production efficiency is always a key focus. With skilled labor shortages and new safety protocols impacting production, a solutions-orientated supply chain partner can help. We can assist with streamlining your direct and indirect materials management with our portfolio of products and digital solutions, to enable safer, more efficient production environments.

Save time, maximize productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risk with our customized services.

We can help you with:

  • Advisory Services
  • Installation Enhancement Services
  • Project Deployment Services
  • Supply Chain Programs
  • Financial Services

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SupplyRun Overview


B-Line KwikSplice Cable Tray


WESCO | Anixter, Your Industrial Turnaround Partners


Maintaining a Sustainable Lighting System

Cooper Ambient Lighting Solutions

Offering Resiliency

Higher demand and lower supply drives price increases and procurement volatility. We can help improve your supply chain resiliency with access to 1.5 million products and approximately $2 billion in inventory.


Manufacturing  Manufacturers need solutions-oriented supply chain partners that deliver efficiencies in productivity, technology, and safety that ultimately drive profitability. View our Manufacturing Solutions Offering.


Offering Leading Technology & Support Services

We believe that innovation can drive better business insights and processes for agile decision-making, improved performance, seamless compliance and help deliver stronger outcomes across your organization.

Our Technology & Support Services (TSS) group partners with customers to offer technical insight and expert advice to define innovative solutions and services that meet current and future business needs. We can help you:

  • Gain insight to keep pace with emerging technologies.
  • Align business goals with technology solution roadmaps for digital transformation.
  • Supplement in-house engineer resources and fill technology knowledge gaps.
  • Support your complex projects around the world.
  • Drive interoperability.
  • Benefit from freedom of choice and scalability.




Your Single Source Solution for Global Operations

Whether you are operating manufacturing facilities in several states or deploying new systems around the world, our global operations experts can help you:

  • Streamline procurement and supply chain operations.
  • Simplify business transactions through common procurement platforms.
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies.
  • Maintain consistent and competitive pricing.
  • Manage projects and programs.

Discover how we have helped customers achieve MORE+.

Customized Supply Chain Solutions for Harsh Environments
Energy Savings with Lighting Solutions for Warehousing
Saving Time, Moneu and Improving Safety with Insta-Reel




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