ActiFi® Flame-Retardant Composite Cable from Corning

Corning EMEA is introducing new ActiFi™ Composite Cable.

Corning EMEA is introducing new ActiFi™ Composite Cable banner

The product expands Corning offering into the horizontal solutions within buildings. Targets are applications where data and power is needed via a single cable.

Corning’s ActiFi® flame-retardant (FR) composite cable provide the ultimate solution for indoor remote powering of distributed antenna systems, optical networks, small cells and more.

Also known as hybrid cable, this cable is made with both stranded copper and fiber, under one jacket – the fiber for data transmission and the stranded copper for remote powering.

The ActiFi® cable combine the distance and bandwidth capabilities of single mode fiber with the power-carrying capability of stranded copper conductors.


  • Cable is a 2 in 1 FR Cable with both copper and fiber – copper is used for remote powering applications.
  • Cable is a tight buffered indoor design.
  • 2 fibre, SMF-28® Ultra, LSZH.
  • Copper element for power is 20AWG.
  • CPR rating of Cca-s1a-d0-a1.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Brings power AND fiber to the edge of the network
  • Compatibility
  • Delivers remote power to the edge
  • Enables fiber-deep, future-ready and flexible networks
  • Simplifies access controls for security cameras
  • Enables optical networks, DAS, small cell solutions, security systems, WiFi, IPTV, voice, A/V, smart lighting, etc.

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