Three Corning CCH Facts Which Make You Want to Take
a Closer Look!

How to benefit the most from this versatile solution.

Corning Closet Connector Housings (CCH) offer more than two dozen innovative features that make installation and troubleshooting of the fiber optic connectivity faster, easier and more cost-effective.


Do you know that Corning CCH modules…

  • …are so easy to use that it doesn't require an expert to connect fiber in them? They have a built-in splice tray with molded routing instructions. However, Corning provide a concise and easy to understand instructions with every CCH module package - in case you want to make really sure.

  • …give you flexibility in terms of termination method, connectivity interface and application to suit your network needs? Corning CCH modules are an all-round talent, available as splice or termination cassette. They are available for industry standard connector types and suitable to take central & loose tube as well as tight-buffered cables.

  • …are available as fully loaded, splice ready option including pigtails (max 24), colored all the way from 900 µm to 250 µm, saving you the hassle during installation, speeding up the process and minimizing stock complexity. CCH modules with pigtails provide maximum efficiency, density and help with segregation from other fires in CCH housings in an easy way. Splice the fibers, slide, click, ready.


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