RedefineFast - a FAST Experience
with Corning

RedefineFast - a FAST Experience with Corning

In a world with increasing speed and demand, having the best product delivered and installed quickly to meet stringent project delivery time frames is a must.

  • Corning innovation already provides the product design and functionality that enables faster product installation and MACs.
  • Thanks to localised facilities and integrated manufacturing processes Corning has ‘Redefined Fast’ by introducing two best in class services designed to deliver select LAN
    and data centre products to you quicker than ever before.

With these product and service benefits, you gain a major advantage; Highly responsive project deployments that enable solutions to become operational as fast as possible.

Want to get your LAN and Data Centre products faster than ever before?

  • FastShip programme: Ready to ship – 72 hours.

Designed to support small day-to-day works or Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs).

It provides expedited shipping on select LAN and data centre products, and ready to ship within 72 hours from Corning fast assembly lines and in-stock product assortment.

  • FastConnect programme: Made to order – Two weeks onsite.

Designed for small-medium sized projects, this programme delivers select data centre core products within two weeks of order in France, Germany and the UK, and “ready to ship” within two weeks for the rest of EMEA. 

These products are identified with a flag next to the product number in the Data Centre Core Products Catalogue.

Now the FastShip programme is expanding also to LAN Core Products.

Selected LANC & LANS Fibre Optic Panels are now available under the FastShip Programme.

FastShip LANC and LANS means:

  • Panels are ready to ship within 72 hours after order entry 
  • LC-Duplex adapters always shuttered (also in LANC) 
  • Multimode is always OM4 - if OM3 is required, please migrate to OM4 
  • Only 1U versions available and only in black colour 

Available configurations as stated on the flyer.

Further to selected LANC&LANS panels, selected FIBRE OPTIC CABLES are now available under the FastShip Programme

Do you need to choose a fibre optic cable from a broad portfolio of cable designs? Do you need only small amounts to complete a smaller installation or extension to an already running application? With Corning assorted FREEDM™ and MIC® fibre optic cables (please see table with part numbers), we are providing expedited shipping on your day-to-day product needs, within 72 hours ready to ship, from Corning fast production lines and in-stock product assortment.